BhaktyarIrani loses 18 kgs for his show BadiDooor Se Aaye Hai!


BhakhtyarIrani who is currently seen in the show 'BadiDooor Se Aaye Hai', had to lose weight, thanks to the writer-director of the show, Aatish Kapadia.

The actor who never thought he was obese had to undergo a scene in the show where the lines described him to be fat and required him to lose weight. Though it was just a script, Bhakhtyar could not take it! He lost his cool and personally took it on himself to reduce weight. He says, "The actor who had to mouth dialogues in a scene, had to comment on my big waist and huge frame of body. I asked Aatish to change the lines because I was not obese. He asked me to take it lightly but I could not, so I went on a diet plan for two months. I was drinking four shakes a day, every day, which were a substitute to the regular food we take. I walked 45 minutes every day. From 90 kilos I came to around 70 kilos in a span of two months. Now, slowly and steadily, I will get on to the regular diet."

Ask Bhakhtyar if he is happy reducing weight in such a drastic fashion and he says, "It worked for me and I am healthy and fit. I did this just to prove that I am not obese and no one can call me fat even if it is a part of the script."

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