ALEXANDRIA, VA, March 03, 2016 — Researchers found more than 2 billion people worldwide are now overweight or obese — that’s roughly 30% of the population.

In the new bestseller, The Law of Attraction Freaking Works For Weight & Wellbeing — The inner-game to manifest the skinny, healthy, vivacious version of You with ease; even after childbirth, Therra Weinberg guides women to become their very best selves—in body and spirit.

This book was written not only to enlighten those who are seeking RELIEF and RESULTS in the area of weight loss, but over-all WELLBEING, because it boils down to the relationship a person has with their own Spirit, the Energy that drives them; the essence of life itself.

Therra Weinberg is the mother of three (3) children, a wife, artist and author. She loves being someone else's mother and wife, but she also loves being HER own best friend. After suffering losses due to multiple miscarriages and stillborn, plus Diastasis Recti (abdominal split) after childbirth, she understands what it is like for a woman’s body to go through some form of “abuse”, the ordeal of dealing with shattered hopes, how tumultuous events can ruin our focus and deplete one’s energy... But amidst all that, she strongly believes we’re all created with spiritual prowess to conquer forces that threaten our success.

Therra understands that playing a role as major as "Mom" can easily overshadow one's identity, but she realized that as much as her family needs her, she needs HERSELF more. Growing up, girls are taught to give of themselves and put other people’s needs above theirs, especially as mothers. She likes the idea of giving to others, but she would rather be giving from OVERFLOW — this means learning to fill her own cup first… HOW? It begins with a simple question: What does one’s soul need daily? Sometimes, it means finding an outlet to release stress, uplift the spirit or even push a person’s own limits.

Therra believes that within every woman is a soul who is FREE, ENERGETIC, and JOYFUL. As mothers, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by responsibilities and unfortunately their bodies show it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It's OK to give oneself permission to be YOU.  One can create an outlet to express Joy and enjoy serenity every day. Therra has personally taken the “sacred journey of transformation” and now coaches other women who wish for their Soul and body to SHINE!!!

Therra shares: “Personally, weight loss is a spiritual journey of healing, a journey of discovering many wonderful layers of Self, breaking barriers, making progress in health, wellness and life, expanding in awareness by listening to your authentic voice.”

Therra Weinberg is available for interviews.

The Law of Attraction Freaking Works For Weight & Wellbeing — The inner~game to manifest the skinny, healthy, vivacious version of You with ease; even after childbirth is available on

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