Van Nuys, California, United States; 23, May 2015: Many times, people may be in a situation where they need the help of a Bail Bondsman to secure their release from the custody. In Van Nuys, Jack Bails Bond is always available to help aggrieved people who need an immediate bail bonds. The professional Van Nuys Bail Bonds has been in the services for over 19 years and they provide their bail bonds at jails and courts throughout the state of California or the entire United States.

The bail bondsman has professionally trained agents who provide bail information and advice for free for a person to quickly find a way out of his/her custody. The agents are available at any time, day or night, can assist a person who is in custody or his/her friend and family to choose the right step to secure release from the custody. The agents endeavor to educate people and make the release process quicker and easier.

The bail bond firm charges a reasonable fee and provides impeccable services with regard to the state bond, federal bond or immigration bond. Whether a person is facing the custody for the first time or been repeatedly put into the custody, the family owned bail bond company ensures the release with a greater degree of reliability. “Any person booked by the police or any other agency has certain rights, and which allows them to seek the assistance of a bail bondsman,” one of the agents of the firm states.

According to the law of the land, any arrested person can make 3 telephone calls, no later than three hours after the arrest. This signifies that a booked person can have the opportunity of seeking assistance of a bail bond company, and a professional company can quickly arrange for the bail bonds for securing the release from the custody. One can call Jack Bails Bond at 818-847-7616 for their immediate help and professional services. Alternatively, one can visit their website

About Jack Bails Bond:

Jack Bails Bond Van has been the leading bail bonds in the Valley for the past 19 years. Jack’s extensive experience and knowledge in this business has made him people’s favorite bail bondsman to get people out of jail quickly through a smooth process. The professional agents of the firm are available at any time to offer their knowledge, assistance and quick services.

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