23, April 2015: Best VA Lender title given to Premiere Financial CarlsbadLending.com by happy new veteran homeowner in Carlsbad.

Premiere Financial, specialists in working with people who have been turned down for a home loan by big banks and lending institutions, helped a local Carlsbad veteran qualify for a loan in 5 days, close escrow in 30 to become a new home owner.

Rich Luisi, owner of Premiere Financial, is a hero; not only for his service in the military, but also for his passion for helping active military personnel and vets qualify for home loans.

Luisi, founder and lead lender at Premiere Financial (online at http://carlsbadlending.com) takes lending to another level. Years of industry expertise, both from time in service and years as a professional home lender, brings military precision, commitment to the cause, dedication to details with honor and the attitude of doing what’s right for his clients.

Luisi achieves consistent lending success for his clients (both military and civilian) through his “Top Flight Loan Process” and a special tool called the Rapid Rescore Simulator.

Premiere Financial Earns “Best VA Lender” Title

One example of the many ways he successfully qualifies families for a home loan after they were declined by a big bank is outline in the following:

A Carlsbad veteran of the Marines, in his mid-forties earning $12,000 per month with a credit score of 620, was turned down by Wells Fargo for a home loan because their minimum credit score requirement for his home loan was 630.

Rich has a gift for analyzing credit reports and finding solutions to issues that are preventing folks from qualifying for a loan. After reviewing his client’s credit report, he suggested he pay down his credit cards by only $1500. The client took Rich’s advice and made the payments within 3 day. Within 48 hours of that time, using the Rapid Rescore Simulator, Rich was able to verify that his credit score was now 630, which was just what he needed to qualify for a loan. Within 30 days of that time the docs were signed and the loan was funded. Premiere Financial was able to help make his dream of homeownership come true.

Imagine the disappointment felt when he heard of the decline from the bank.

Now imagine the thrill that same man experienced being approved for a loan after he turned to Premiere Financial for help. No wonder the client named Premiere Financial as the Best VA Lender in Carlsbad CA!

Since 1995 Premiere Financial has been helping people in Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceanside, Fallbrook, Vista, San Marcos, North San Diego County and South Orange County get into homes with no or low money down. The lenders at Premiere Financial refrain from tacking extra charges and fees onto home loans, and instead help clients avoid the fees altogether. Rich is dedicated to doing his very best for his clients, and he has a long list of happy clients who sing his praises.

Much of the credit goes to Rich and his passion for helping vets and civilians alike, and the Rapid Rescore Simulator gets huge kudos as well. The simulator helps guide clients regarding what they can do to improve their credit score. One of the great advantages of the simulator is that it can check your credit without “dinging” your credit. Numerous credit checks can have a negative effect and the simulator takes that element out of qualifying process.

Rich says: “Big banks are unable to work with bad credit scores. Basically, with a big bank you get one shot and if you don’t qualify, that’s it.”

Premiere Financial, on the other hand, gives credit enhancement advice to those who need it. Once they are able to improve a client’s credit report and score, they then try again to get them approved. Using numerous lending sources greatly enhances their odds of success.

Premiere Financial has many helpful tools on their website, including a home mortgage calculator and their Top Flight Home Lending Process. They invite you to take their Military VA Loan Challenge before you choose a VA loan provider. They dare you to compare, and you’ll be glad you did! Their rates are consistently lower than other VA lenders, and in some cases they have saved their clients $5000 – $6000 over other lenders.

For more information about Premiere Financial or how to apply for VA Loans, contact Rich Luisi at: http://carlsbadlending.com/loan-application-get-started-here/#more-388 or call (760) 930-0325.