Neurosurgery is a complex, essential, and complex surgical treatment.  Brain issues need correct diagnosis accompanied by appropriate treatment from an accomplished neurosurgeon. Neurosurgery, as a line of treatment, has superior manifold to provide complicated and advanced treatments for specific brain issues. It’s far indeed a vital mission to narrow down to a neurosurgeon who has obtained understanding in treating these particular situations.

An advanced neurosurgery unit was inaugurated at Best spine and neuro surgery hospital BLK India, the newly unveiled 3-D microscope and robot surgical device would help in enhancing safety and precision, besides decreasing surgical time.

"Setting a brand new benchmark in the adoption of an era in healthcare, best spine and neurosurgery hospital BLK India will offer comprehensive and superior neuro and spine treatment using 3-D and robotic technology. The neurosurgery branch may be led by, a group of specialists," a press release stated. The hospital said that the newly unveiled 3D microscope and the robotic surgical device would help in enhancing safety and precision, improved quality of outcome, decreased surgical time and chances of Infection besides effectively treating the tumor without damaging adjoining blood vessels and other tissues, in the brain and spine.

Speaking at the event, senior spine and neurosurgeon at Best spine and neurosurgery hospital BLK India said, “This is a commendable initiative by BLK India to adopt advanced technology in treating neuro and spine tumors. Today, technology in such a way that precision surgery is feasible and that that too in the brain and spine, best spine and neurosurgery hospital BLK India possess the understanding and the capability to make it available to the not common man.”

“We’re happy to have launched a high-end neurosurgery department driven by the ultra-modern technology at best spine and neurosurgery hospital BLK India. This will highly enhance the quality of neurosurgeries however also add value to the healthcare area in the sector. The 3D technology and robot microscope will assist in treating brain tumors, spinal cord tumors, and spinal fixation. Visual color coding of tumors guarantees a whole removal of tumors. Similarly, virtual flow in blood vessels facilitates treating vascular lesions. The neuronavigation device will assist in expertise the structure and relationship of the tumor/lesion with adjacent normal tissue while operating. This tool will assist us with difficult tough and complex tumor locations that allow you to help us to navigate through tumors that were once difficult or complex," said Senior Consultant, brain and spine Surgeon, BLK hospital India.

The senior surgeon who heads the advanced minimally invasive spine surgery department in the best spine and neurosurgery hospital BLK India said,

“In the past decade, amazing advances had been made that have taken the accuracy of spine treatment to a new peak to avoid bad outcomes. Also known as 'computer-assisted, image steerage,' navigation generation is advancing at a fast rate, mixed along with minimally invasive techniques making spine surgery precise, secure, and reproducible...surgeries can even be planned 'definitely' at the computer before a technique. This generation reduces the radiation exposure to patient and staff for the duration of surgical procedure and is a precursor of artificial intelligence technology of the future,” he added.

“Best spine and neuro surgery hospital BLK India always strives to be abreast with the state-of-the-art technology in the healthcare area, the world over. Advancements in technology have performed a massive role in changing the outcomes and delivery of healthcare. Thru adoption of the 3-D and robot era, the advanced neurosurgical unit at the best spine and neurosurgery hospital BLK India will provide precise and error-free treatment to their patients. This will pave way for the hospital to be a preferred destination for holistic healthcare, particularly for performing spine and neurosurgery” said Executive director, Best spine and neuro surgery hospital BLK India.

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