King Athletic launches its new Resistance Band set. A special 30% discount is available for purchases made through Amazon and the KingAtheltic.com store.

King Athletic celebrates the launch of its first Resistance Band set with a 30% sale on Amazon and KingAthletic.com. The newly released Resistance Band set features five color-coded bands, a door anchor and custom foam handles for comfortable training.

The 30% discount is valid using the coupon code “RBSKING1″. The exclusive sale is available for a limited number of Resistance Band sets.

The Resistance Band bundle is a complete full body training system anyone can use at home, outdoors and while travelling. It’s a lightweight, space-saving set that can be easily and discreetly carried around. King Athletic’s spokesman says:

“Our resistance band is a premium quality exercise accessory. It offers you the opportunity to exercise anywhere, anytime and have at your disposal hundreds of exercises to try. People love training with resistance bands because every workout is different from the last one, there are literally hundreds of possible variations you can do.”

The Resistance Band bundle comes with five color-coded bands of varied resistance. The yellow band has a 6 lbs resistance, the red band has a medium resistance of 15 lbs and the high resistance black band has of a total resistance of 20 lbs.

A bonus metal clipping accessory, included in the bundle, allows the user to add more bands to the system to increase the resistance so it aligns with their fitness goals and capacity. Combined, the resistance bands offer 69 lbs of training resistance total.


“What’s extraordinary about resistance band training is that it can be a stand-alone strength training or it can complement the training of advanced and professional athletes. Its possible applications are infinite. By simply changing the resistance and the exercise, one can have a truly tailored workout.”

The bundle comes with two foam handles for ease and comfort during use as well as two ankle straps for using the band for lower body training. A door anchor, included in the bundle at no cost, increases the amount of exercises one can do with the resistance band. The anchor can be attached to various multitudes on a door depending on which muscle groups the user wants to focus on.

King Athletic’s Resistance Band set comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 5-year product satisfaction warranty. The tube bands are made of heavy duty nylon to withstand repeated use and the most rigorous workouts.

King Athletic donates $1 from every purchase to Prostate and Breast Cancer Research. The 30% sale is valid until stock lasts.

About King Athletic

King Athletic is a design oriented and innovation focused company, constantly seeking to help athletes of all skill levels reach their peak performance. King Athletic strives to be a leader in the sporting goods and accessories industry (specializing in Jump Ropes) with a brand built on a love and passion for sports and athleticism.

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