Beijing - When the peak of Beijing apartment rent is approaching, Beijing rent price falling instead of rising. After the Chinese New Year of each year, the rental market in rent apartments in Beijing will usher the spring leasing peak. From the beginning of this week, along with the coming back of a large number of job seeker, workers and school students, the Beijing apartment rental will usher in the first leasing peak in 2013. From the first month of the Chinese New Year, the demand of the Beijing apartment rent and the amount of the registration listings has increased significantly.

According to statistics from the professional market Institute, since the first month, the demand of the Beijing apartment rent for year-on-year has rose nearly 20 percent in January. The new registrations listings which compared with January has rose more than 70 percent and the leasing volume rose more than 20 percent compared with January.

For the Rental price, according to the professional market Institute in Beijing, since the first month, the average transaction price of the Beijing apartment rentaL was 3615 RMB per month. This number was down 1.3 percent compared with the average rent price in January. The group vice president of the professional market Institute analysis this situation. Before the advent of leasing peak the rental price of rent houses Beijing does not rise but falling which could be concluded into these aspects.

First, compared with January, after the Spring Festival, the increasing of the ordinary low-cost leasing demand and turnover ratio for the Beijing apartment rent makes rent price fell back; Second, because the rising for the rent over the past two years , so that more and more second-hand housing owners put more weight on the long-term and stable income of Beijing apartment rent. They change their mind from selling to renting. This changing makes the amount of listings on the market increased significantly and also effectively alleviate the shortage of Beijing rental apartments and pressure of the increasing rent price in the rental market. If you are hurry up for finding the rent house in Beijing with comfortable and suitable price, you should choose the maxviewrealty which could give you the Beijing apartments and houses for rent and full range of real estate consulting services. Their website is

Thirdly, with the rapid development  maxviewrealty  of the rail transit system, more and more new areas are created especially the outer suburbs area which rental price is relatively low. These areas have been put into the leasing needs of populations living in the territory, which sometimes will also stabilize the rising rents.the experts has expected that the Beijing apartment rent will officially enter the peak in the next week. The rise for the rental prices of the Beijing apartment rental is inevitable. On the other hand, due to the increase of the listing and select space to the rent apartments Beijing, the rent increase will continue to fall  apartments beijing  compared with previous years

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