January 17, 2013 — Horror movies has remained an integral part of every film industry throughout the world. Among different movie genres, horror movies have remained an all time favorite for majority of people. People love to get scared and the suspense as well as thrill offered by horror movies makes them a popular choice for movie lovers. Best Horror Films is a site dedicated towards providing horror movie lovers all the latest news as well trailers, reviews on different horror films. The demand for epic and apocalyptic films seems to have risen in popularity of the past few years. According to the site, Best Horror Films, a Godzilla remake is already underway. The movie is directed by Gareth Edwards and Godzilla 14 is expected to hit the hit the theatres by 2014 in the month of May.

Even though there is a lot of time left for the release of the movie but fans of this huge creature are very much excited about this new movie. The Godzilla 14 remake has already launched an official Facebook page with different images uploaded from the movie. The amount of destruction the movie will feature is clear from the images uploaded on Facebook. The most interesting image is that of a man standing on top of an annihilated building. According to speculations and rumors, the image will be a part of the final trailer of the film. More information related to Godzilla 14 is expected to available pretty soon.

The site, Best Horror Films proves to be a useful for horror movie buffs as every news on the latest releases as well as reviews can be easily obtained from the site. One can get all the information related to the release of films on Blu-ray/DVD from the site. The upcoming Godzilla 14 movie seems to be a bit under trouble as there is a legal battle going on between the studio and the producers. Lawsuits were filed against Doug Davison, Roy Lee and Dan Lin by Legendary Pictures studio. However, among all this turmoil, Warner Bros stated that the movie will feature two more monsters apart from Godzilla.

Thus, it is quite clear from this fact that once this legal battle is over, an epic movie is about to get released. Godzilla 2014 is expected to be one of the most anticipated films of 2014 among some other great movies. Best Horror Films is definitely a great site to get necessary news and reviews of horror films from Hollywood. The site also offers viewers news of the different horror TV shows that are expected to arrive quite soon. Viewers are provided with a comment section so that they can comment on the different topics.

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Best Horror Films is a site aimed towards providing horror movie lovers all the information related to different horror films. The site has recently revealed a still from the movie ‘Godzilla’ remake expected to arrive in theatres by May, 2014.