London, UK; 19, February 2016: People who relish the taste of real burgers will never forget the flavor of the gourmet burgers that Brioche Burger Restaurant offers to its customers. This restaurant located in east London has an amazing range of burgers, steaks and other items in their menu. Besides, one can also order for chicken wings, chips, onion rings, milkshakes, mocktails and a variety of desserts. The restaurant could be the best place to enjoy a sumptuous and flavorful meal in London.

The restaurant claims to offer the best halal burger and best halal steak for people who love authentic halal food. The restaurant has an array of food items that constitute the best halal food for anyone in the city. They use freshly minced meat in their food items and everything is done in-house to ensure the purity and freshness of the ingredients. Using freshly cut meat pieces and with a flavored combination of different ingredients, the restaurant chefs prepare the best food that anyone can love to eat. There are several experienced chefs in the restaurant who prepare food items that offer exceptional taste and are also healthy for customers.

One can choose from top ten burgers that Brioche Burger Restaurant has on its menu. These burgers are Hand of the King Burger, The Maharaja Burger, Mad Man Burger, Silence of the Lambs Burger, Birds of a Feather Burger, Bangkok Dangerous Burger, Super Mario Burger, Lone Ranger Burger, Fresh Prince Burger and Co Jack Burger. These burgers are stuffed with ingredients like sautéed onions, American cheese, tomato and several types of sauces that give them an exclusive flavor.

The restaurant serves the best burger in London with spices and homemade sauce that gives a unique taste for anyone to enjoy the food. They have the best Angus burgers that contain the authentic HMC Dry aged Aberdeen Angus. The certification from the Halal Monitoring Committee of the UK ensures the authenticity of the Halal items served in the restaurant. For enjoying the best food in east London, one can check their menu available on their website

About Brioche Burger Restaurant::

Located in the east London, Brioche Burger Restaurant serves a variety of burgers, steaks and other delicacies to the food lovers. The restaurant has a significant menu of food items that are prepared using fresh and pure ingredients. They also serve halal food with HMC certified meats used in the preparation.

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