01, April 2017: Airwheel Z8 colorful electric foldable scooter has four color choices, including white, black, green and orange. Meanwhile, it owns small figure and 6.5kg item weight. People can ride it and weave among congested traffic freely. Moreover, it can be folded when people don’t need it. The folded Z8 can be put under desk or in the wall corner of office.

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Difficult travel becomes one of serious social problems, which results from traffic jam and shrinking parking space. Under such a circumstance, portable travel transport is highly praised. At present, Airwheel Z8 colorful electric foldable scooter is a big star in the current portable transport market. It offers such four colors as white, black, green and orange, which makes life colorful and full of vitality. Don’t look down its small figure. Actually, the 6.5kg item weight is able to support 75kg load capacity. At the same time, the operating rod is adjustable and riders can regulate it according to their height. In other word, Z8 is an all-people travel transport.

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When it comes officeworkers who have to fight with traffic jam in rush hours and find parking lot for their cars, Airwheel Ideawheel Z8 mini light weight electric scooter must be the best choice. If the distance between house and company is not far, people can ride Z8 directly, for it is small enough to weave among crowds and pass through narrow corridors. Traffic jam in rush hours won’t stop people anymore. If the distance is more than 10km, people can select subway and Z8 together. The multiple folding system can make it small enough. People can put it in bag and take it to subway. When they get to office, they can find a corner to store it conveniently. Parking lot is never a problem anymore.

Airwheel Z8 electric hoverboard offers strong force. On the one hand, it is powered by advanced lithium-ion battery and thus owns sufficient power. On the other hand, the 150W powerful hub motor enables electrical power drive system, transmission device and electrical braking system to wheels so as to ensure stable and strong force. All in all, Z8 is the blessing to office workers and makes journey to work relaxing.

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