ITS Promotions are very happy to announce that the new addition to the ITS Promotion family is the absolutely fabulous Bertie Higgins. Bertie Higgins best known for his Mega Iconic Hit Song, “Key Largo,” has just returned home after wrapping up a tremendously successful 2015.  His Asian tour sold out auditoriums and concert halls across China.

Higgins is currently signed to Huayi Brothers, one of China’s most prestigious and largest record labels. Higgins 23rd album,"The World’s Greatest Lover," is getting heavily promoted in that region.  Higgins song, “Casablanca,” is one of the most requested love songs in China which has caused Higgins to become a household name and one of the most requested American performers. Higgins continues to appear on several television shows in that region to with close to a billion viewing households.

With an American tour being launched for 2016 and booked through Sissy Treat at 615 Entertainment Agency(, Higgins shows no signs of slowing down.  His new Grammy submitted domestic album “Dancing in the Tradewinds,” released on the Toucan Cove / Universal Music label, is quickly becoming a definite fan favorite where Bertie takes the listener back to a simpler time and place to his acoustic musical roots.  This folk style masterpiece is just a man, his heart, his strings and his memories.

With a worldwide fan base for support, Higgins puts on a high energy show he refers to as Trop Rock.  His Trop Rock shows features his iconic billboard hits such as "Key Largo," "Just another Day in Paradise," "Jamaica Me Crazy," and "Cowboys of the Caribbean."   Having coined the phrase "Trop Rock" he is also credited as being the pioneer of Trop Rock music stemming from his #1 Billboard multi-platinum hit song "Key Largo."

Higgins enjoyed two #1 singles in the UK in 2015 and has produced, co-written, and acted in five feature films which all have procured international and domestic distribution.  For more on Bertie Higgins, check out his website and make sure to like them on Facebook.

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