14, April 2016: Founder of Bent Kettle Brewing, Mark Cook, is a flavor innovator using his brewing creativity to make some truly new and interesting blends such as his signature brew Insolence and another popular craft beer called Thwack.

This rising star company is quickly gaining popularity around Wisconsin and neighboring states with their unique and unadulterated approach to brewing craft beer. Several flavors are found on tap at dozens of bars and restaurants located throughout Wisconsin. Two of the most popular flavors in great demand can now be had in cans: Insolence and Thwack

Insolence Double IPA - Bent Kettle's flagship beer: Brewed with non-typical IPA malts and hard to obtain hops that produce exceptional flavors. It's darker amber instead of the usual pale golden color, medium body and a big hops presence including citrus and tropical fruit flavors and aromas. http://bentkettle.com/beers/insolence-year-round-beer

Thwack is an American IPA and on the amber side in color. IBUs on the low end; around 41 about 6% alcohol. Thwack craft beer features flavors of white grapes, dark orange and hints of mango. Mildly dry finish. http://bentkettle.com/beers/thwack-an-american-ipa

A basic personality trait in a person who is devoted to making only the finest of quality craft beer is patience. This patience shows itself in a number of ways though Cook's craft beers. It shows itself in his willingness to shop without tiring to get the finest ingredients for the next batch of craft beer he makes. It shows itself in his willingness to only buy enough materials for one batch and then go out and buy a completely new set of materials each time just to make sure his ingredients are perfectly fresh and of the highest quality.

Above all this true Master Brewer will wait as long as it takes for that beer to go through weeks of fermentation and aging. And if he takes that beer out after the cycle is done and tastes it and it isn't up to his high standards, he will cycle it another month or two or more until it reaches a level of high quality that will be acceptable to those craft beer drinkers who have the most discerning palettes.

In canning their beers they adhere to the same levels of attention to high quality. The ultimate vision, according to Insolence and Thwack craft beer brew master Mark Cook, is to be able to enjoy creating great craft beer, amazing memories and share their craft beers with the world while connecting with other craft beer fans along the way.

For more information on where to find Bent Kettle Beers and learn about the company, http://www.bentkettle.com.