Many sports enthusiasts such as boxers and MMA fighters use a jump rope as part of their training because of its many benefits. However, the top-notch sports brand King Athletic urges everyone to try using a dynamic Hyper Jump Rope in their workout - even if they are not professional athletes or boxers - to enjoy the added benefits. You can get one right now ON SALE by clicking here(

The King Athletic Hyper Jump Rope is best used for CrossFit and Speed Skip Training, and Cardio Fitness Training. It is also ideal for simple morning warm-up exercises. It is a versatile product for fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike.

When feeling sluggish, it is recommended to start the day with a few jump rope exercises. This will eventually develop the body’s agility and quickness. When done for just a few minutes each day, improvement in the body’s reaction time becomes noticeable.

Just the thought of jump ropes ignites the fun which makes burning calories fun. Yet, there is more fun when it’s included in the workout routine. What makes it more interesting is the fact that jumping burns calories fast. For example, jumping at a moderate rate can burn up to 16 calories per minute. Such a great way to maintain a healthy weight!

Another added benefit is improving cardiovascular health, King Athletic says. For better lung and heart health, it is recommended to jump rope for 12 to 20 minutes at least three to five times per week. There’s no reason to forget it, because the King Athletic jump rope is so handy, the exercise could be done anytime and anywhere.

Research reveals that a workout routine that includes jump rope sharpens the memory, enhances reading and comprehension skills, and increases mental alertness.

A jump rope exercise helps the body to become well-coordinated. Particularly, the mind learns to focus on the feet, thus the body maintains better balance even when executing quick and complicated movements. This makes jumping rope a great warm-up exercise that prepares the body for other sports such as tennis or basketball.

The ability to form a connection between the mind and body while jumping trains the person to be calmer, even in extreme situations. So, when a person easily gets nervous, he could try performing jump rope exercises to reduce tension and anxiety.

Lastly, jumping up and down can improve the body’s bone density. A healthy bone mass is essential for reducing the risks of osteoporosis, bone loss, and other related diseases.

Try including a jump rope in your workout routine next time. It is highly recommended by most sports enthusiasts and fitness experts.

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