(Free Press Release) We at Little Write Brain firmly believe that reading and writing serve as the foundation for children‘s creative expression and intellectual and cultural growth. We strive to encourage literary appreciation and nurture the creative imagination of young minds by engaging them in artistic storytelling and rewarding them with full credit for their outstanding effort.

For most small children who are unable to process complex information and retain detailed accounts, reading and storytelling are among the very few types of intellectual stimulation for young learners. Vibrant illustrations, riveting plots and interesting characters can mesmerize and inspire a child. Through repeated recitation of storybooks, children stand to gain many benefits from reading, which include:

  • Lengthened concentration and focus
  • Expanded vocabulary
  • Enhanced sentence structure and grammar
  • Improved creativity and storytelling
  • Deepened bonds between parent and child
  • Better social skills and adaptability
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • While the pencil-and-paper remains the more popular modus operandi for storybook writing, many new and innovate online book creation formats exist today, which make the storytelling seamless and user-friendly. As parents of young learners, it is extremely important to encourage reading and storytelling. It is through this means that we can, together, enlarge our children‘s understanding of and concern for today‘s world and its communities.

    lla Mehta is the Creator of LittleWriteBrain.com. Frustrated by the homogeneity and commercialization of contemporary storybook literature aimed at young children, she brainstormed an online book creation site that enables young learners to develop their own customizable storybook literature. Personalized storytelling and art development empowers children to take pride in their individuality. For more details visit http://www.littlewritebrain.com/