The stringent need of having a safe environment has led to designing some of the best equipment for disabled people. This is also the case of a shower chair disabled, a device mean to make it easier to take baths for people that struggle to do this every day, in spite of the challenges they meet.
Your top priority when you have to move around in a wheelchair is to stay safe. Luckily, the equipment and technology developed nowadays are more helpful and their constant improving can get you closer to becoming more independent. It is not always pleasant to have to depend on someone else to help you, especially when you have to handle basic chores, such as taking a shower. And yet, it is hard to face such as situations on your own sometimes if you don’t get ready to face the worst.
In order to handle challenges better, it is recommended to start making your living environment much safer for you. You can start by adding transfer poles in all the areas that require you to move away from your wheelchair. Another thing you can do is to install benches and chairs in places such as your shower. Keep in mind though that, even if this is the easiest way to upgrade your bathroom, it is not really the safest. If you are not sure that you can handle the transfer while you are in the shower, especially when you don’t have enough space to do this, it is recommended to invest in a shower chair disabled.
Basically, a shower chair is a wheelchair designed to be used in contact with water. It is a chair that allows disabled people or people with reduced mobility to take baths in safety. The advantage of this shower commode is the fact that you no longer have to make the transfer while you are in the bathroom where you can easily slip and fall, but you have the possibility to move into the chair in another room by using a transfer pole and then roll to the shower. In this way, you can avoid getting hurt without too much trouble.
GO! Mobility Solutions has designed a shower chair disabled that is properly done to fit the needs of the people that cannot move around the house without a wheelchair. In fact, the reason why this shower commode is so safe, lightweight, comfortable compact and easy to assemble is because it has been designed by someone that understands your situation. Rick, the inventor, has been in a wheelchair for more than 30 years and he noted the fact that there are actually no good shower chairs on the market. So he decided to create his own. The results were amazing!
If you are looking for a high-quality shower commode, GO! Mobility Solutions offers the best solution on the market. Find out which are the characteristics of a really good shower chair disabled and see if it is what you were searching for!