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Using BIM (building Information Modeling) technology we provide engineering industry solutions that help develop design for most complex buildings today. BIM is being implemented in the planning, design, construction, and asset management of civil engineering projects.

With the help of BIM technology the civil engineers are easily adopting data collection, collaborative design, and digital data sharing. 3-D data is being shared and applied to various stages of a project's lifecycle, professionals are collaborating more, and project data and information is being used in new ways. BIM technology help architects and engineers to create a 3-D model of a building or structure which will be used for analysis and design and it will make design process very simple.

Architect/Engineer Benefits of BIM:
# Building information coordination (clash detection)
# Analysis (structural, space)
# Drawing production quality (flexible, automation, better coordinated)
# Engineering precision (measurement, context)

BIM has helped us significantly in the design coordination of mechanical and electrical equipment and systems within building structures. They may use the model to design the HVAC system and avoid interference with the structural system. BIM will allow mechanical engineers to do a better job fitting piping, ductwork and equipment into tight spaces, which optimized space usage within the facility.

Owners benefit during design and construction, but also throughout the life of the building. They can use the model as the basis for its operations and facilities management system. When rehabilitation is required further along the lifecycle of the project, the model will be relied upon again.

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