St. Michael, Barbados; 28, January 2016: A muscle building company has announced that they finally have found a solution to the pressing problem of building lean muscle and losing fat fast. Ben Pakulski Athletics first started working on the MI40x muscle building system 12 months ago with the sole intention of creating a system that can build muscle fast while getting rid of fat long term. Ben Pakulski Athletics CEO announced this afternoon that they finally have a long term solution for getting ripped in the form of MI40x and also mentioned people who were tired of not getting the gains they desired. The launch announcement party was attended by Ben Pakulski.

Of the company's recent MI40x launch success, CEO Ben Pakulski said, "In over 15 years of training, I've never seen anything come close to this almost ALIEN method of gaining muscle. You'll end up the strongest guy in the gym, even though this isn't about "lifting heavy". You'll end up totally lean with that beach-ready body you want because this method of training automatically burns body fat".

To achieve such ground breaking success in fast muscle buildin, Ben Pakulski Athletics employs a new philosophy of muscle building that stimulates more growth in less time than muscle experts think should be possible.

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Paul Pakulski is a professional body builder who started at the age of 17. His love of body building and fitness drives him to help others achieve the body they desire.

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