05, January 2015: Andy Shaw has just recently spoken out about his own personal success, disclosing numerous essential factors that helped make him become a successful millionaire. He said… “With a new year about to begin, numerous people who have never ever before been able to accomplish their objectives will be hoping that their life long dreams will end up being a reality, so I have actually decided to discuss what assisted me eventually get exactly what I wanted from life to end up being successful as an excellent example for others to follow.” 

A Bug Free Mind

The best selling author of “A Bug Free Mind” says that there are essentially a number of principles that are stopping individuals from managing to achieve their objectives, the most considerable one being the act of doubting. He said… “Doubt is a concealed insidious problem found within all grownups, although as kids we have the ability to react and live without doubt, but as we develop, we are educated about the “possibility” of something becoming a reality for us, and it’s that particular knowledge which today eats away at our dreams and desires.” 

Mr Shaw broadened by saying… “It does it quietly, hiding in the shadows and just sometimes revealing itself to you so that you can see it, and when you see it your ego covers it up in the camouflage of being a preventative benefit to you. So not just can you not see it, however you can not see the harm it has done to you! Now very quickly your ego will certainly tell you, no, he’s wrong, your doubt is helping you. After all the “likelihood” of it taking place is so little that you do not desire to get your hopes up and believe in something which will result in you feeling disappointed and not desire to try again, do you?” 

He continued… “Or another example is, finding a person to be with, or to employ or enter into a partnership with, whatever, you call it! If you doubt that you can find them and you tell yourself to be reasonable since that’s the sensible thing to do otherwise you’ll be let down and will look a fool in some way. Then think what you are developing in your mind. You don’t discover the person, however your ego quickly tells you that you are not a fool and you were right to attempt not to dream. You do not get Financial Flexibility, however now your ego rapidly informs you that you are a fool and you understood you should not get your hopes up. Now you have to keep it under wraps otherwise other people will see you as a fool.” 

Andy concluded by stating… “Do you see the insidious nature of your doubt? Do you see how this invisible issue is killing your development because you can not see it’s clear constant mis-direction! As I stated, it can take months or years of work to expose to yourself your very own self doubts. It can take ten’s of thousands of words to expose the invisible problems, and to eventually ‘know’ that this unnoticeable issue has become a problem. NOW your ego gets to use that too. As understanding is not power, but the appropriate application of knowledge is. The nuances of this issue are swiftly lost or overtaken by your life’s circumstance so you can not fix them. The trick is to learn the best ways to create the mind state around whatever you desire so that you can see it has happened. Everything is discussed in detail in the very first 5 chapters of “A Bug Free Mind,” a complementary start-up pack for everybody, which can be downloaded from the main web site.” 

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