OCcraftbeer.com provides ways for the Orange County beer aficionado to stay plugged into all the latest happenings.

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” is one of Benjamin Franklin’s many wise quotes. And, in Franklin’s day he was referring, of course, to craft beer. For true beer enthusiasts, only craft beers will do. And, as Franklin’s age old quote implies, Orange County beer buffs have a Divine Right to know where to get such heavenly brew. Since God speaks through others, the question becomes, “Where does the Orange County beer devotee go to find information on local craft beer?”

Chris Moore, Owner of OCcraftbeer.com, says “Craft beer drinkers want to know when, where and how they can pursue their drink of choice. And, that requires a specialized place to find that information.” Of course, no source can be more timely on a twenty four hour basis than the internet. To that end, www.OCcraftbeer.com provides ways for the Orange County craft beer devotee to find out all there is to know about local craft beer goings-on. This is our mission.

- To ensure our website provided an online directory for all Orange County breweries and local beer pubs supporting those breweries

- Create a site that offers craft beer recipes, for those who want to explore cooking with beer

- Build a site that is updated daily and provides information on all the latest events surrounding craft beer in Orange County

- Construct a site that is focused on our local and non-local readers and devote to filling them in on all aspects of craft beer in Orange County

“Taking advantage of the internet and social media is the best way to stay connected to everything craft beer in Orange County, the wealth of information available to the Orange County beer fanatic need only be a mouse click away, " states Moore.

To find out how to get plugged in to the Orange County beer scene, visit http://www.occraftbeer.com/