Facebook is going to be in existence for a very long time. It appears it's here to stay, even though some thought it was just a passing fancy. It has led to many internet marketers rushing to create accounts and pages on this platform for some time. The good news is that the network seems to have plenty of space available.

However, it won't be sufficient to create a fan page or an account. If you want to build your business with the help of your fan page then you are going to have to get people to come to it and give you a "like." So, how can that be achieved? You follow the instructions in the following paragraphs!

Make prodigious use of Facebook's "share" button. Every so often, put up an image or some type of content on your fan page and blast it out to your fans. Have them share whatever you sent out with the people in their network. This helps get you in front of a bunch of new people who will be encouraged to like your page. Think of what would happen if people enjoyed your content so much that they shared it repeatedly. That one piece of content can keep working for you for weeks or months.

Ensure that any printed media you have includes the address of your fan page on Facebook. Besides your full contact details, you should make sure you include your fan page URL on everything from fliers to letterheads and business cards. This will reveal to your clients that Facebook can be used to stay in touch with you and learn what you are doing.

If you have clients who aren't keen on subscribing to an email list, this is a highly effective approach. This way they can relax when it comes to spam but can still receive constant updates. Not that you spam, of course, but some people are quite suspicious about such things. This strategy is great for traditional companies as well as marketers who focus working offline.

Every personal profile you have should include the address of your Facebook fa page. Ensure that your profile features your fan page, no matter whether it's on a site for professionals in your industry or a forum or a messaging service.

Anywhere you can create a profile, you should include the address of your fan page on Facebook. Clearly, you will only receive more "likes" by being a contributing member of the community where your profile is so make sure that you make some meaningful posts now and then. There are so many reasons to create a fan page for yourself, your business and your products on Facebook. It's a great way to tell people what is going on in your business. The only way you can do any of this is to make sure people "like" your fan page on Facebook. Use the tips we've talked about in this article to get a good start on your follower count. With some work and a little creativity it won't be hard for you to come up with plenty more.

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