Plantation, FL; 1 June, 2013: Beauty Mark Plastic Surgery launches, a website which aims to provide information about the company’s plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and other cosmetic needs and services.

The beautiful layout of the website lets prospect patients navigate through the many possibilities of self-improvement services offered by Beauty Mark Plastic Surgery. It also features advices from experts and blog posts to educate prospect clients about the benefits, side effects and factors to consider before undergoing a certain procedure.

Many people will opt to improve or enhance a part of their body for one purpose: self-esteem. Many clinics from big cities offer plastic surgery—Plantation included—but only few really care about their patients’ emotions. Dr. Alberik Keshishian of Beauty Mark Plastic Surgery is proud about their commitment of educating their prospect clients first before deciding to make them undergo a surgical procedure. They understand that most people expect to look like a Hollywood star after a certain surgery, and they are persistent about the virtue they uphold.

Among their popular cosmetic surgery procedures are Sunrise liposuction, breast augmentation, male breast reduction, Miami tummy tuck, and many others.

About Beauty Mark Plastic Surgery

Based in Plantation, Florida, Beauty Mark Plastic Surgery has been providing quality plastic, cosmetic and reconstruction surgical services for years now and is still exploring more self-enhancement treatments to match the unique needs of their clients.

The owner of Beauty Mark Plastic Surgery, Dr. Alberik Keshishian (DR.K), personally assists his patients to ensure positive outcomes for each and every client who seeks help. He takes pride of being committed to his work and his patients by closely monitoring their progress throughout the process of self-enhancement.

To know more about their products and services you may visit their website at: or

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