Orlando, FL - March 29, 2016 - Corns and calluses are among side effects of wearing shoes that are too small. There are actually many contributing factors associated with the formation of calluses. The good news is that there are several measures women can resort to for achieving beautiful, healthy feet.

Beauty experts reveal the secrets of eliminating corns and calluses for women. Squeezing the feet into a beautiful pair of shoes can be challenging especially in the presence of corns and calluses. Calluses can be unsightly when wearing a beautiful pair of strappy sandals during the summer.

Corns typically appear on the ends of the feet or between the toes. Unfortunately, they can make wearing pretty shoes difficult and uncomfortable.

Calluses, on the other hand, are bigger than corns. These are characterized by a hard skin layer that usually develops due to friction. It develops as the body’s way of defending itself. Calluses are painless and they usually appear on the balls of the feet, ends of the toes, and on the heels.

According to experts, women should make sure that their feet are professionally measured as this allows them to choose the right shoe size. Those who play sports or love to go to the gym should choose shoes that are designed for physically intense activities.

Women may also go to a podiatrist to find a solution to the problem. They may be advised to wear special shoes that are designed to take away the friction and pressure. These shoes are also created to redistribute the body’s weight on various areas of the foot.

It is imperative that women should refrain from using sharp instruments to eliminate calluses. Sharp instruments can wound them, which may result in infection. Once infection develops, it can be more difficult to treat than calluses.

There is also another method called microdermabrasion, which is believed to help eliminate calluses and corns. This procedure is popularly performed on the face to remove large chunks of skin.

According to experts, women should ensure that they take good care of their feet, especially in the younger stages of their lives. Regardless of how beautiful a pair of shoes is, if it is smaller than the size of their feet, it should not be used.

Nowadays, many women are resorting to products such as electric callus removers that are available at amazon.com. This is one of the safest, effective, and easy to use foot care method in eliminating calluses (www.amazon.com/Electric-Callus-Remover-Naressa-Electronic/dp/B015GJDW18).
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