We have all laid our eyes on beautiful dresses and designs shadowed by uninspired colors. These bad colors and great designs make a terrible combo indeed. If you are planning to avoid such experiences, you can always try your luck with clothes boutiques online. You do not have to follow the latest fashion tendencies in order to dress and look well, but it would help you to take into account the summer trends in terms of colors.


One of the things that make these boutiques so adorable is the wide range of offerings. A single online shop can provide up to fifty different shades of colors! Does too much variety trouble you? We have a few pieces of advice for you to try and the first one would be to dare wearing bright colors and stripes. Without a doubt, summer is a joyful and colorful season, when you can reveal your body and enhance your beauty through colors and fabrics. From delicate and shy pastel shades to bold and glowing neon shades, with fuchsia, pink, cobalt or aqua blue, lemon yellow or emerald green, you can try them all.


Just do not forget about white, which works perfect in any combination! If you have a white top, you can attach it to any other bottom and use it to create special effects. Dark skirts with loose cuts will hide prominent hips and you can catch all the eyes on your bust with a white delicate blouse and a few accents of the same color from your skirt, only that a lighter shade. White works very well in chevron patterns too, so do not hesitate to change the angle of your stripes.


Most catalogues of clothes boutiques online will suggest you to try apricot, aqua blue, ivory, orange or peach shades. However, bear in mind that you should not follow these fashion trends with your eyes closed. Some colors may simply not fit with your skin color or look better on you after you get your skin tanned.


When you choose from all those beautiful dresses, try to stick to one dominant color. Apply, whenever you can, the famous rule of opposites, combining bright with dark shades. If you take yellow for example, do not match it with red but rather with blue, green or purple. If you want to make your outfit more joyful and pastel, bring together colors belonging to the same family.


The entire above should serve you as general guidance. How you dress is entirely your choice and, more important than anything else, it should make you feel beautiful and confident. Colors have this special power and the amazing thing is that they do not even have to be “trendy”!


Beautiful dresses are those that make you feel beautiful. Find them on clothes boutiques online and forget about the fashion trends, just be you!