has announced that they will provide only the authentic and best wholesale 18650 battery pack to its customers. A representative of the company has said Battery bro was created because they saw a large number of suppliers including those well known sources were selling fake and potentially dangerous lithium ion batteries for sale. They started this company with an aim to solve this issue by supplying only authentic, tested and verified lithium ion batteries straight from trustworthy manufacturers. The company found a need for superior quality, safe and wholesale lithium ion batteries and this is the reason why battery bro company was created.

The company representative said that a lot of people ask about which 18650 battery packs are the best. So for those buyers who have the same question, the answer will depend on an individual’s needs and requirements. This means, an individual should consider whether their device call for high capacity or high drain batteries. These two conditions are always at odds. So, the higher the A rating, the lower the mah rating and the higher the battery capacity, the lower the amp drain.

Some of the main 18650 battery manufactures are LG, Samsung, and Panasonic. Some of the best cells for electric vehicles are manufactured by Panasonic. All these companies manufacture 18650 batteries for laptops. Samsung and LG manufacture more high drain cells.  However after all is said and done, all these three manufacturers have battery lines that are extremely similar.

Electric cars require high capacity cells while on the other hand, mods, vapes and power tools require batteries with high A rating. has added that the highest drain 18650 battery currently in production is rated at 30A. However, nearly all the production focuses lower at 20A. On the other hand, the highest capacity 18650 batteries currently in production are close to 3500mAH and fall short of 4000Mah.

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