Ningbo, China - The roll forming machine which is also known as extrusion mill and rolling mill is the new type of energy conservation cement grinding equipment that had been created at the mid-1980s. The engineer from famous China buy roll forming machine manufacturer and supplier SOHO ROLLFORMING express that this machine own the greatly advantages of reduce steel consumption, decrease the operation noise and replace the ball mill pre-grinding system that high level of energy costing and low working efficiency.

By the former experience of SOHO ROLLFORMING, their roll forming machine china could not only suitable for the new plant construction but also should be the best choice for the old plant transformation and development. The application of this machine could make ball mill system yields be increased by 30 to 50 percent. After the related extruding working process, the finished material will contain 0.08mm fines which accounted for 20 to 35 percent and objects which size is less than 2mm which accounting for 65 to 85 percent. The internal structure of small particles is full of many tiny cracks due to the squeezing in the machine working process so that the grindability of these small particles has been greatly improved. On the other hand, the surface of the roller of the roll forming machine use the heat welding workmanship and the wear layer maintenance become more convenient.

The engineer from SOHO ROLLFORMING said that the manufacturing of roll forming machine is in accordance with the principle of grinding material bed. Its main features are high-pressure, full speed, full of material and materials bed crushing. The roll forming machine has been consisted of two opposing press rolls which rotating in synchronism rhythm. One of these two rollers are fixing roller and the other is the free roller.

Specialized engineer also introduce with people the working processes of the roll forming machine. The material first enter into two rollers by the above entrance and then these materials will be squeezed between rollers into a continuous roll by the high pressure which value is between 100 to 150MPa. After this processing step, the dense cake will be discharged from the machine. These discharged materials cakes could not only include such proportion of finished . The passing of material through the mill roll could be generally divided into three phases which are full material intensive, laminating crushing and the phase of agglomeration nesting.

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