Bartle Holidays could be one of the companies set to benefit from an endorsement of Menorca made by leading travel portal Breaking Travel News. 

In a recent piece published on their website, staff writers for this portal included Menorca (along with the rest of the Balearic islands) in their hand-picked list of alternative or lesser-known destinations for a summer 2014 holiday. Menorca was included in the round-up as a location where holidaymakers might go for a more relaxed and quiet holiday, closer to the traditional Spanish lifestyle and culture, an aspect customers of companies such as Bartle Holidays are already aware and appreciative of. 

In stark contrast to the reasons given for including Menorca in this countdown, its two sister islands — Ibiza and Mallorca — were listed for the opportunities for social or typically touristy activities they offer. Ibiza is the ‘party island’ par excellence, while Mallorca is considered by the piece in question to offer something for everyone, from quaint rural villages to bustling urban centres and, of course, the glorious sandy beaches that give the island its international renown. 

Spain’s contribution to the travel portal’s comprehensive list does not stop at the Balearics, however. In fact, the country’s islands are the best-represented locations on the round-up, with the aforementioned trio being joined by the Canary Islands. These islands appear on the list on the back of their family appeal, which is coupled with enough excitement to please the party crowd, and topped with beaches at least as beautiful as those in the Balearics. 

Breaking Travel News’s list of exciting destinations for the upcoming summer months is complete with locations in Turkey, France, Greece, Croatia and Portugal. This ensemble of destinations is thought to gather sufficiently varied attributes to satisfy the needs of every type of traveller and holidaymaker planning a European break this summer. 

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