From its inception more than half a century ago the Barnett crossbow now has been sold to more than a million people. With every passing year the crossbows just get better. Innovative in technology and design and with pioneering patents and this makes the Barnett crossbow the worlds number one.

Barnett promises that the crossbows are engineered to be faster, bettter, stronger and more powerful than any other crossbow in the market place. Their engineers have developed some of the most desired features in a hunting weapon. Through the self-cocking crossbow to the first compound crossbow aptly named the Demon. They later proceeded to invent the fully integrated crank cocking device attachment that compliments their crossbow range.

Buck Commander - You've met the Predator, now meet the Buck Commander, the all power and performance machine. The crossbow comes with the ADF trigger system.

Predator CRT - The Predator with Carbon Riser Technology (CRT) is considered to be among the most aggressive weapons capable of shooting 375 feet per second. Considered to get the best balance and feel of all the Barnett Crossbows.

Predator - The 1st ever patented crossbow of this type, the Predator's innovative and pioneering design provides a shoot through foot stirrup increasing the power stroke to 15" and 175 pound draw weight produces speeds to 375 fps.

Ghost 350 - The Ghost 350 CarbonLite may be the lightest bows to ever to come out of the Barnett crossbow factory, coming in at about 7.5 lbs.This bow shoots 350 fps and gives sufficient power for any occasion.

Penetrator - The Penetrator features Barnett's high energy cam system and also the patented Crosswire? String and Cable system.

Quad 400 - This model continues to be redesigned to further improve the speed and accuracy. Some new options that come with the model are the gas assist stock, thumb hole therefore it may produce speeds of 345 feet per second.

Wildcat C5 - This model has been built with all the Barnett crossbow tradition. Combining speed, comfort and performance. For sale in either matte black or perhaps the distinctive concealing camouflage.

RC-150 - This model of Barnett crossbow is looked upon by a lot of individuals as the perfect crossbow for virtually any situation. It really is accurate and powerful enough to be utilized by experienced hunters but can be great for beginners.

There are other models of the Barnett crossbow available, these were just some of our favourites.

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