Barcelona, Catalonia ( ) December 16, 2009 Online tour bookings have added great convenience to human entertainment life. Through all these years, this online tour booking opportunity has received huge popularity. Online tour bookings have played an important role in rescuing the tourist industry from the Global financial crisis as well. “Excursions in Barcelona are not affected by Global recession by any means. One of the main reasons for the growth of Excursions in Barcelona ( even during the tough economic conditions is the availability of the online tour booking sites. The tourists from around the planet are able to save a huge deal of money by using the online tour booking sites”, says Mr. Markus Menno Jong of

When speaking about the significant increase of the last minute online tour bookings, Mr. Markus Menno Jong said, “With the advancements in communication technology, people booking for tours in Barcelona do it after reaching Barcelona or just one day prior to the journey. People out there are well connected to the online world and so booking tours online is just a click away. Our statistics indicate that most of the people doing the last minute tour bookings use their personal laptops, iphones and other mobile devices while on the go. It is true that we are living in a fast paced and it is clear from this significant increase in last minute online tour bookings.”

“Not all the trips to Barcelona can be pre-planned. Some of them will have to arrange a business meeting in Barcelona and all of a sudden the meeting may be cancelled. Now you may wish to take a tour in Barcelona ( and this is where the need for the last minute booking arises. Thankfully, people needn‘t worry about finding the best tours deals during the last minutes of the trip. The best tour deals can be even found after reaching Barcelona.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Markus Menno Jong said, “Usually, Online tour booking were done 5 days prior to the trip. But now with great connectivity options (wifi facilities in hotels of Barcelona), the tourists are able to save their precious time. Today, with advancements in communication technology and availability of great tour deals, bookings are done just 1-2 days prior to the trip.”


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