The aggressive tourism marketing push being launched by the Barbados government, the main intent of which is to claim back the island’s dwindling UK market, could mean good news for British companies doing business in that location, such as Essential Hotel Collection.

The new plan’s pivotal point is the reduction of Air Passenger Duty taxes, which had been making holidays to this Caribbean island significantly more expensive for passengers from the British Isles and elsewhere in recent years. By reducing these fares, the Barbadian government therefore expects to counter this demographic’s tendency to opt for a cheaper holiday in one of the other neighbouring islands, which are not subjected to these taxes.

As a result of this measure, Barbados’s outlook for 2014 is thought to be positive, with the island finding itself on equal footing with the other Caribbean locations at the beginning of this year’s tourist season. The President of the Hotel and Tourism Association recently stated as much in the yearly general meeting, adding that the number of bookings to hotels within the island — such as those operated by Essential Hotel Collection — were on the up, and that stays were generally becoming longer, lasting an average of twelve to fourteen days.

The Minister also revealed that additional flights to Barbados would be provided from some of the main air-traffic hubs in Europe. Britain’s main centre for flights to the island continues to be Manchester airport, from which two flights currently operate.

The official also touched upon the state of the American market in regards to tourism volumes within the island. Unlike the United Kingdom, the States continue to provide Barbados with a healthy supply of tourists, even in spite of the discontinuation of several of the services connecting that island to the main country in North America.

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