Baltimore, United States; 08, July 2016: It's no secret that web design can be like a double edged sword. On one side, a good site with a clear and functional layout will boast high conversion rates. But, if the technical SEO aspects of a site aren't correct, low conversions will be the norm. With over a billion websites live on the Internet, there is plenty of competition for new sites.


It goes without saying that new site builders must do all they can to stand out from the crowd. Aside from creating a slick new site, some people overlook the SEO side of things. As a result, their target audience could see other sites in search engine results pages first. A Baltimore SEO company has recently published a white paper to overcome those issues.

10 SEO mistakes people make when building their website

It might sound like a simple list of things site builders should avoid. But, this handy white paper isn't just a bullet pointed list that everyone should follow. Instead, it's a document packed with practical ways to improve one's website SEO techniques.

Each of the ten points gets explained in detail so that readers can better understand the problem. And, as one can imagine, it also gives guidance on how to avoid making those critical mistakes.

Examples of the SEO mistakes many site builders make include:

* Failure to audit an existing site when doing a redesign;
* Not creating a responsive design that works well on mobile devices;
* Forgetting to add some form of visitor behavior tracking on the site;
* Not allowing search engines to "crawl" new sites.

Why is such a white paper important?

The sad truth is that many people consider SEO an afterthought when building a website. They believe that style and design should take precedence over technical factors. But, those two parts of website design work hand-in-hand. In short, one cannot build a successful site without both of those elements.

All too often, the Minyona team has come across sites where few SEO techniques get applied. And, in many cases, the wrong ones (such as "black hat" SEO techniques) get used. The purpose of the published white paper is to show people where they are going wrong.

In some respects, the vast amount of information on the Internet can be detrimental. Why? The answer is simple. Those new to website building concepts could end up following the wrong techniques. When that happens, it can take a long time to make everything right. Especially where corrective measures on search engines are concerned.

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