After a very successful year 2009, UK marketing firm Parker Worldwide based around the country are being asked "have they taken on more than they can handle?"

With the ongoing success which they have created for there many existing and new offices around the UK, and rapid growth which their top clients have achieved by working with the unique, cost effective and highly productive marketing system of Parker worldwide has caused some people to ask the question "will Parker be able to keep up with their new client demands".

Some of this success is down to the business development program that allows Parker Worldwide the opportunity to work with and train some of the UK best marketing and sales managers. By building this strong team of managers and producing such high returns for their clients they have help their top client to move in to the number one UK home phone and broad band supplier, gaining the attention and demands from other leading brands within a wide range of industries which leaves the question "could this be too much too handle".

The managing director Boyd Parker said "that we will always stay loyal to our motto, delivering today while providing for tomorrow. We will always put our teams and current clients goals before our own, providing loyalty and constant growth for all." he later added that the main success to Parker's rapid growth and security here in the UK is down to the integrity, investment and training we give our entire team, that's all the way from junior admins, to sales reps and to our top managers, as we all work as a whole and no position is any less important than the other. We also believe that no man should ever ask of another something that he is not prepared to do himself, and thats why we train every single manager at Parker worldwide in every single posisiton we have.

Boyd Parker Believes that the team and managers they have in the UK are in a very strong position to take on all new challenges and with a new wave of recruitment for managers about to start across the country in 2010 we are more than confident that we can find many hard working candidates to take on this challenge with us to secure our clients future and our own.

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Parker worldwide ltd was established to service an indentified gap in the market for quality face to face customer acquisition teams in the UK and Europe.