Brooklyn, NY - BabySeater has launched an improved version of their backseat organizer and protector for kids and toddlers on the popular e-commerce site, Amazon. This new product will contain a tablet iPad holder, wet tissue compartment and stretchy storage pockets so that kids and parents can keep their necessary stuff at one place inside the car. This will likely help people keep their cars organized as they can easily fit their kid’s toys, drink cups and many more items inside the backseat bag and prevent them from sliding around the backseat during travelling.

This easy to install product comes with a 48” Straps with Heavy Duty Buckles that prevents the organizer from coming off during jerks. The company has also added an insulated baby wipes holder for toddlers. Each of the seat bag features multiple mesh pockets to hold baby toys, extra clothes, bottles, pacifier clips and more. The multipurpose backseat organizer and baby stroller organizer is also easily convertible.

One of their customers writes,  “So many bonuses I'm not sure which one I like the most but all the together is a celebration for the parent. no more mess I'm telling you it's a blessing ! Each one of my kids got his own and with the tablet attached they can put on whatever they want or take out coloring books or a drink without calling me every minute. I read this 50 tips of driving with kids I would recommend it mainly for long rides but a lot of tips were so cool and helpful I felt like I finally go driving with my kids without the hustle overall the product is super durable and easy to clean.”

This versatile product can be a great holiday gift for families who are about to welcome their kid into a new world. The company also offers a lifetime 100% guarantee on this product which is very rare among Amazon sellers. The company is currently selling five products on Amazon and is planning to launch five more in the upcoming months. The quality of their products has already been lauded by many experts and customers alike.

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