Jaipur, 3rdJuly’ 2014: The joy of watching a fairy tale on screen is unbridled especially when you discover it even has a dynamic superhero as its protagonist. Baal Veer is an enchanting saga of a little boy, raised by fairies and blessed with super powers like no other human. However, since this show is a SAB TV creation, it’s not all action, but instead it’s copious laughter scene after scene! It’s a hilarious show with extremely entertaining characters, who will redefine everything you know about fairyland. As part of promotional city tour, Dev Joshi and the new Rani Pari, Sudeepa Singh visit Jaipur to meet their fans.
Sudeepa Singh as Rani Pari
She is the head of PariLok. She has all the powers of PariLok and is the sole decision maker. She has the combined powers of all the fairies and hence she is the queen of PariLok. She can do anything and everything with her magic wand.
Dev Joshi as BaalVeer
Baal Veer as a baby is abandoned by his parents on earth. The gentle and concerned fairies up above in heaven, decide to adopt the baby and bring him up as their own. Baal Veer grows up in fairyland, known as PariLok. This PariLok is nothing like any you’ve imagined, an idiosyncratic motley assortment of some of the most peculiar and uncanny fairies who’d have you rolling with laughter.
She is the evil pari who has been evicted from PariLok because of her negative attitude towards everyone. Hence, she lives in Bhayankarlok. Her ultimate desire is to head Parilok and control Earth with her evil powers.
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