(Free Press Release) Osaka, Japan, -Oct. 4, 2010 - Ayonix, Inc. Japan, a leading Image technology solution provider, today announced the release of Ayonix Public Security (APS ver2.1), a new real-time facial detection and recognition surveillance product aimed at safely identifying criminals as well as suspects in public locations such as Airports, Train stations, Trade-centers, Stadiums, and public malls.

With these recent APS update, Ayonix's APS product now greatly benefits from the additional performance boost provided by the new image processing algorithm, as evidenced by recent tests. More specifically, the processing speed in APS ver2.1 has been 10 times faster than other releases. Users can now achieve real-time face recognition in public locations. And whereas previously it was difficult to recognize identities while people were walking, APS ver2.1 now makes a walk-through facial recognition feasible.

Ayonix brings more functionality and ease-of-use to the system, such as user-friendly administrator tools, service management utilities. The APS allows for online facial search in large databases; for example, identities can be correlated with passport/visa and law enforcement applications to prevent fraudulent activities. The APS scans incoming camera streams in real-time and notifies the operator when a face matches a “hit” on a watch list. APS has been approved by government organizations and is being used by various government organizations to prevent crime in all around the world. “We are expecting 120% sales up with this new release by the first quarter of 2011.” says Sadi Vural, the president and CEO of Ayonix Inc.

About Ayonix
Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Ayonix develops markets and deploys world-leading products. Ayonix has been developing face recognition technology since 2000. Ayonix technologies are based on state-of-the-art algorithms and have been proven by independent organizations to be the leading technology available on the market. Ayonix products include:
1.Ayonix Public Security (APS) for walk-through recognition;
2.Facematcher for face searching and online suspect analysis via Mobile terminal.
3.Human counting for counting people that are entering or exiting;
4.Vein Recognition which provides contactless user authentication.

Ayonix has proved to be the leading Image technology provider in the market and has implemented numerous systems in all around the world. For more information, please visit us at http://www.ayonix.com/en/products/system-products/ayonix-public-security.html