Nashua, NH May 15,2012—Axenics (, one of the leading manufacturers for medical OEM, semiconductor OEM and other original equipment manufacturers is expanding to include more OEM clients.

“Our expertise in Teflon tube bending, stainless steel orbital tube welding and the ability to work in clean rooms to Class 100, makes us an ideal partner when it comes to clean process piping assemblies, gas panel and other components in these demanding industries,” said Haywood Schmidt, CEO of Axenics. We also do helium leak testing for our clients as an in-house service, he said.

Key to Axenics‘ success is the ability to innovate and solve problems for original equipment manufacturers. Examples include the unique ability in Teflon tube bending to greatly reduce the amount of tubing in a system while also making it neater, easier to install and more convenient to maintain.

“Our innovative work with Teflon tube bending allows us to bend the tubing to the exact dimension specified by the designer just like with stainless steel tubing,‘” Schmidt said.

Because precisely bent Teflon tubes are considerably shorter than conventionally installed tubing, less material is needed when batches are run during manufacturing, this reduces the cost of manufacturing.

About Axenics
The term Axenic means pure and they are a component manufacturing and contract manufacturing company that excels in clean ISO 9001/2008 manufacturing for medical OEM, semiconductor OEM and other original equipment manufacturers. Axenics is particularly capable in the areas of gas delivery systems, plastic tube bending, orbital tube welding, gas panel, and Teflon components.

With clean rooms to Class 100, complete prototype, engineering and design capabilities, Axenics is the go-to company for clean process piping assemblies, contract manufacturing services and semiconductor manufacturers. Axenics has a prototype and thermoplastics division in Middleton, MA and it‘s manufacturing and engineering facility is in Nashua NH. For more information, visit: