18, November 2015: This festival—Christmas is that all people in the world are looking forward whether they are Christian or not. It’s a feast of delicious meals, hilarious parties, and gifts cannot be without at Christmas, which are regarded as the meaning or the value of this festival in children’s eyes. For gift-givers they are busy with the gift list. Which gift is fit to this guy? That should be most people’s trouble. The following humble tips may be helpful for those gift-givers. Airwheel intelligent electric scooters are for your loved ones or friends.


Airwheel S6

S6 two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter equipped with a seat is fit to these people who are not that crazy about rising to the challenge or a little bit aged. With its two sturdy knobby tires, it’s easy to maintain balance and steady during the ride. The support rod of the seat is adjustable in accordance with user’s demand. And it’s with an easy-to-use operation mode. Leaning forward or backward can realize speed up or slow down; to tilt right or left can achieve to turn a corner. Some others advantages can be experienced when user is using it. Riding S6 to distribute gifts is also a sound choice.

Airwheel M3

M3 electric skateboard fitted with four wheels is born for those adventure-seeking, suitable for the young or teenagers. The noticeable feature of M3 is the replaceable decals attached on the board which caters to them the pursuit of individualism. And the remote control can control its speed within 10 meters. Thanks to the durable tires with wide tread, users can surf on the land. As a Christmas gift, M3 is going to receive affection.


Airwheel Z3

It’s a good choice for those people loving challenges of long-distance travel. The real innovation of this electric scooter is the battery design, which is located on the operating arm. Thus it’s easy to swap the old battery into the fresh one, and it’s free from the limit in rainy days. For it comes with multiple foldable systems, it’s portable.

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