A survey by the Best cardiac surgery hospital Nanavati India shows a clear need for greater heart attack awareness among the Indian public

Leading heart physicians at best cardiac surgery hospital Nanavati India say there may be a clear want for more heart attack awareness in India, after a survey discovered one-in-four Indians could not understand symptoms of a heart attack, and more than half of could not identify an accurate first reaction to a heart assault.

Heart disease is the no. 1 reason for the loss of life around the world. The survey was performed as part of Nanavati hospital’s “love your heart” patient campaign. Best cardiac surgery hospital Nanavati India has been ranked India’s no. 1 hospital for cardiology and cardiac surgical procedure for 20 years in a row.

“India is going via a major epidemic of heart disorder. as sufferers are dwelling longer and having modifications in their food habits and lifestyle, Indians now have one of the highest risks of heart disease in the world,” stated vice chairman of cardiovascular medicines at Best cardiac surgery hospital Nanavati India. “Recognizing the disease, attending to medical care after which getting proper treatment as quickly as possible is really the key to surviving the heart attack and living after that.”

On the subject of their own heart emergencies, Indians want more education in figuring out and responding to a heart attack. the survey discovered when asking what becomes the “aspect to do first” in the event of a possible heart attack, much less than 1/2 have been able to identify one of two correct responses. Only 15 percentages said they could chew an aspirin as a first response – a primary step to take while experiencing a heart attack. The common headache pill is known to slow blood clotting and reduce the severity of a heart attack till assist arrives, and chewing instead of swallowing the pill completely helps the body absorb it quicker.

“The most essential thing is that in case you’re having signs and symptoms as far as chest pain or chest uneasiness, or shortness of breath, soreness radiating to one or both arms or into the neck, it’s vital to are seeking for hospital treatment as soon as viable. Exactly how to do that really relies upon on in which you live,” senior cardiologists at best cardiac surgery hospital Nanavati India stated. “In a few places there are ambulance services that can take patients hastily, in different places they don’t have that and patients should get care through their own transportation or to are looking for transportation but the key aspect is to no longer wait.” but, 14 percent stated they could call their doctor, and, nine percent said they could rest and drink cold water.

Although 3-4th of people ought to identify “pressure, squeezing, fullness or ache in the middle of the chest” as a heart attack symptom, a sizable variety pressured signs of a stroke with symptoms of a heart attack. A little over one-1/3 (37 percentage) of people wrongly identified “sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg,” 30 percent wrongly diagnosed “slurred speech,” and 22 percentage wrongly diagnosed “sudden problem seeing in one or both eyes.”

sixty- percent correctly identified shortness of breath as a heart assault symptom, similarly to fifty-two percentage who efficiently recognized “pain in one or both hands.” patient travel to the best cardiac surgery hospital Nanavati India, from around 185 nations every year for treatment, along with places like Africa, US, UK, Canada; Abu Dhabi, UAE; and London, England to open in late 2020.

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