Fi-Print is a clean, modern, and fast WordPress theme developed by

WordPress themes is a huge market filled with various themes. However, it is quite rare to find an all-in-one, multipurpose WordPress theme that caters especially to corporate & business websites. The Fi-Print Multipurpose corporate WordPress theme is one such theme which is now available in the world’s no. 1 web design market, ThemeForest.

Fi-Print is a clean, modern, and fast WordPress theme developed by Based on an acclaimed design, it features multiple home page designs, and multiple inner pages such as portfolio pages out of the box. The theme comes with SiteOrigin drag-n-drop site builder making it easy to build new pages in minutes. In order to make it even better for Fi-Print customers, a representative from Hardcore Themes noted that Visual Composer will also be added in the near future. Furthermore, Fi-Print comes with 1-click demo data so that you can make any new website just like the demo in a matter of few clicks.

One of the most unique facts about the Fi-Print multipurpose business WordPress theme is that the theme grows over time. Unlike many other themes which come with a set of features at the beginning but stuck there forever with less updates - if not at all, the team behind Fi-Print seems to get the idea of design & feature evolution. As the WordPress ecosystem grows overtime, every theme must adapt to the changes because otherwise they are bound to lose compatibility with the latest version of WordPress. Considering this, Fi-Print earns better points as they guarantee to add new designs every week as well as new features every month. With constantly updated brand new designs and new features, web design agencies will simply love getting the Fi-Print WordPress theme to run their clients’ websites with peace of mind.

Most WordPress theme customers complain that theme companies or authors do not provide reliable customer support. They are usually active during the release, but few months down the lane, the theme gets abandoned without customer support. This results website owners to hire external web designers or simply buy a new theme all over again. However, you can be rest assured with Fi-Print Multipurpose corporate WordPress theme as they offer 24x7x365 customer support worldwide, for life. Even during the weekends, the friendly support team at Hardcore Themes will help you even with some of the basic tasks such as installing the theme as well as advanced troubleshooting. This can be a major advantage as business owners can cut down costs of setting up the website and tweaking it, in order to make a functional website. Therefore, Fi-Print along with its 24x7 support you are getting a great deal unlike anywhere else.

Despite being new to the market, the Fi-Print WordPress theme has managed to gain plenty of industry attention by grabbing industry leading design awards. The multipurpose wordpress theme has already been featured on Awwwards, CSSNectar & CSSWinner among many others and has been honored for its “professional, lightweight and practical design that can actually adapted by real-life businesses.” These factors will help any website installed with the Fi-Print corporate WordPress theme earn better SEO scores, helping them rank higher on search engines organically.

So if you are looking for a business WordPress theme, we recommend checking out the Fi-Print multipurpose corporate WordPress theme on ThemeForest.

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