Rise and Fall of Gods: In Historical Perspective, by Yussouf Shaheen, explores the role ancient religions had in history

KARACHI, Pakistan In Rise and Fall of Gods: In Historical Perspective, Yussouf Shaheen addresses what he feels is a bias towards immoral conquerors in history and focuses instead on the people who created life-affirming religions and beliefs.

Ancient history, claims Shaheen, all too often concentrates on the brutes who plunder, steal and conquer. But history also holds the roots of modern culture, he asserts, and to prove his point, in Rise and Fall of Gods, Shaheen turns his attention to the Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian gods and goddesses. He points out that history was more than battles and brutality. The Greek deities were alive and powerful for over three thousand years while the Romans worshipped their gods for over 1,600 years. These religions both had a huge impact on human language and progress.

Shaheen gathered six lecturers, professors and translators to delve into books on history, mythologies and religions of the world. For a decade, all worked together to illuminate the history of mankind. Since 1984, Shaheen has continued his research alone.

The religions of the past, though now vanished, had a vital role in human history, giving birth to modern day culture, laws and traditions, Shaheen asserts. It is time not to glorify the historical conquerors, Shaheen feels, but to instead, pay homage to the beauty, purpose and import of ancient religions.

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About the Author

A former senator of Pakistan , Yussouf Shaheen received the Pride of Performance award in literature from the president of Pakistan in 1995. He is a prominent poet, writer, research scholar and a journalist from Sindh , Pakistan . He has written twelve books in Sindhi, Urdu and English relating to subjects of world history, theology, linguistics and economics. He was the first journalist of Pakistan who was arrested by the Marshal Law Regime of General Ziaul Haq in 1977 and tried by a Military Court for his bold statement criticizing Marshal Law. One of his books “William the Bastard and his descendants” was also published in the United States .


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