Knowledge is power indeed, especially when you are planning to buy an old house. In spite of their beautiful assets, these houses are on high risk of having lots of structural problems. Luckily, you can avoid unwanted expenses if you contact a San Antonio foundation repair company to make an inspection before the purchase. This will give you an accurate view of the actual worth of the estate. A-1 Engineering is a San Antonio and Austin foundation repair company that has built a reputation on their exceptional engineering services and flawless customer service policy.


Old houses have always been attractive to buyers on the real estate market. It is said that, exactly like a good wine, a building will get better with age. Old houses have managed to pass the trial of time once they are still able to provide a home for their owners even though they carry such a long past on their back. However, if they are not properly maintained by their previous proprietaries, these houses can end up with a lot of structural damages. Homeowners are usually aware of these problems and they might want to hide them in order to obtain a better price for the estate. As an inexperienced buyer, you might ignore those attempts to create a good impression. Don’t be fooled by the appearance and character of the building.


If you are living in Texas and you want to find a good specialist to make a structural inspection of the real estate that you are targeting, at A-1 Engineering you will find a team ready to deliver their services in Austin and San Antonio as well, or anywhere else across Texas. More experienced than regular contractors, these professionals can deal with any home foundation problem that you might encounter. From regular inspections, to entire foundation designing services, they provide fast and reliable San Antonio foundation repair solutions for every kind of trouble with the structure of your house.


They give accurate evaluations, as there is no gain from deceiving a client. If you don’t require any repairing, they will let you know, unlike other contractors that are finding problems even if they don’t exist. Some Austin foundation repair companies even go that far as promoting the “free structural inspections” that are actually meant to trick clients on turning to other of their services after that. And these might not be that cheap or maybe not even entirely professionally as they should be. At A-1 Engineering you will receive all the attention and cooperation you deserve in order to understand how to protect the structure of your house. A good customer relations policy and years of experience is what makes them a top San Antonio foundation repair company.

Don’t hesitate to contact your Austin foundation repair engineer even if you are in a hurry. For the same day San Antonio foundation repair service all you have to is give A-1 Engineering a call whenever you decide that you need a fast inspection.