All businesses need a Facebook page. This is a great cost-effective resource to interact with your customers and to keep up your good online reputation. However, some business Facebook pages are far more effective than others. Here are some mistakes to avoid while marketing for your business on Facebook .

Make Sure the Page is Labeled as a Business Page

Facebook’s default setting for their page setup is “Private.” Some businesses are unaware that they need to change this setting to “Business.” A private Facebook page appears to be an “anything goes” attitude for anyone liking the page. You soon will spend far more time removing offensive posts from your wall than tending to other business matters. Setting the page to “Business” also looks more professional.

Take Time to Interact with People

Don’t just use your Facebook page to make announcements such as sales, contests or policy changes. You need to spend a few minutes each day addressing the questions Facebook users will post. Ignoring these questions quickly annoys the Facebook community. If you are short-staffed or incredibly busy, still answer questions at least once a week. Post a message on your wall letting customers know when you will be on Facebook. This goes along way to help your facebook marketing .

Tagging People Without Their Permission

Tagging is when a Facebook user’s name is placed on an image and a notification sent to the person to see the image their name is on. For some businesses, this was a quick way to make a big announcement. In recent years, Facebook has changed its tagging policy so that no one is to be tagged without that person’s permission. Tagging people without their permission is a violation of Facebook policy and can get your business page deleted immediately.

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