May 15, 2012, India: The National centre for health statistics reveals that about 33.9% of the population over 20 years are obese and the prevalence of obesity under 20 years is about 18.1% in a survey conducted in 2007-2008. The number definitely would have gone up at recent days as people are prone for stressful lifestyle and junk foods with very less concentration on physical activeness. Presently one in 6 women and one in 5 men are obese globally. But modern days have seen an increasing trend of fitness freaks trying constantly pursuing some measure or the other to keep their weight under control. With the constant increase in tech savvy population, more people are turning on to the internet as a source to provide them with tips to lose weight. Many websites offer attractive promises and target to burn your extra pounds very quickly with harsh dietary schedule and hard exercise routines. Though they succeed in achieving this target, they actually don‘t concentrate on the after effects of sudden weight reduction. According to a spokesperson form the most serious complication of harsh weight reduction is loose skin, as enough time is not given for the muscle fibres to regain its turgid strength after being elastic for quite some time to snugly fit the new body curves. The website also gives you enough and adequate information on how to lose weight in a natural way giving time for the body to regain its muscle and elastic strength on its own. Its product phen-375 is derived from naturally occurring ingredients and has proven benefits on weight loss. From the administrator‘s point of view, sudden and harsh weight loss will result in loose and sagged skin around the tummy, thighs, arms, face and chin. comes with a solution on how to tighten loose skin along with your exercise schedule. According to the experts, it is advisable to take your exercise schedule on a slow and gradual phase so that the fat tissues gets melted away rather than getting burnt instantly, this will help the skin to retain its elasticity and tone with re-built collagen fibres. The website also talks about the measures to put this into practice via stretching and aerobic exercises. Another alternative way to work on tummy tucking is to use herbal bands tied around the belly which will compress the fat layers without affecting the skin. also suggests its followers to use emollients and skin moisturisers generously to help keeping the skin nourished and hydrated all day long. By following all these points, you could get your dream physique with a natural and healthy skin. For more tips and to answer your queries on how to reduce weight fast and to tighten loose skin visit the URL, and pass on this information to your friends and significant others using social networking sites and create awareness on healthy lifestyle and weight reduction programs. Contact US: Contact Person:- Arpit gupta Address:- Agra India Phone No.:- 9720416990 Email ID:[email protected]