Futurizando opened a telework space located in Rio Grande do Sul State and has in Avila Business Centers model and on its myOffice application the major international references, declaring itself as a project which gathers all arguments to become a success and which can promote the internationalization of Portuguese companies


Lisbon, XX January  2013 — The Avila Business Centers, a company of turnkey physical spaces, has just revealed the birth of Futurizando — a telework space located in Rio Grande do Sul State and which has as focus innovation, technology and sustainable development. This new space is, in practice, a replica of the Avila Business Centers' model, representing an area dedicated to telework based in the advanced concepts and offers of the virtual office and coworking and that also makes use of the know myOffice solution of the Avila Business Centers. With this project, the Portuguese companies have another encouragement for the internationalization to Brazil, through a bet with controlled costs through virtual offices and in a region offering and advantageous package of fiscal benefits.

Futurizando aims to promote distance working in all its ways and applications be means of a strong presence and acting in the technological, political economical scenarios. This new project follows the Avila Business Centers' model having also searched for inspiration on the Telework Towers in Bueno Aires, in Argentina. Combined, this two spaces are seen as references in terms of virtual offices and telework, also becoming this way in potential international partners.

The now inaugurated space is at Lagoa dos Três Cantos, an area considered as a reference of Digital City in Brazil and that is why it is perfect to embrace this project. Located in Planalto Médio at Rio Grande do Sul State, the Lagoa dos Três Cantos is covered on its totality by an advanced fiber optic network, according to the Broadband National Plan guidelines, and offers total support by the major telecommunication operators and suppliers of Internet access - whether on places acting specifically in this region, or global ones acting in all the wide Brazilian territory. The virtual office now presented also follows the orientation of the National Association of Business Centers and Virtual Offices in  Brazil, which has as an objective to offer companies and liberal professional a complete and integrated solution to increase the productive capacity, agility and profit capacity of their businesses.

More and more, the future business tendencies suggest the strengthening of the virtual office concept. Currently, this solution already represents an option not only for several companies, but also for entrepreneurs and liberal professional, also having the advantage to enable the creation of a culture on the entrepreneurial scenario. The model now implemented if the ideal way to promote the Brazilian market exploration for companies abroad from Brazil. Through this concept inspired in Avila Business Centers, companies may have a fiscal address in Brazil without the costs which would represent to have a physical space, besides having workspaces and support of distance secretariat.

According to Edio Schrader, Futurizando's director, “Thanks to the infrastructure, the legislation and the fiscal incentives created by the city of Lagoa dos Três Cantos, and with the support of several institutions, the area offers proper conditions for companies to be able to internationalize and to embrace their businesses. On this geographical space, the teleworker has all the conditions to study and live in the same region, with no need to face several hours of journey and traffic jam, which definitely contributes to a quality of life increase, absenteeism diminution and for a better quality of the services given.

For the concretion of this project, the help of the Avila Business Centers team was decisive. «The Avila Business Center is an international reference and which may become a success case in Brazil, namely for eh use of the myOffice, allowing an interaction between the Business Center and the client, with the quality of services available in real time », refers Edio Schrader. «The planning of Futurizando also refers to the strategic vision of the Avila Business Centers, with emphasis on the innovation and sustainable development, on technology and information and communication security, a model with no doubts points towards the Office of the Future », advances Luis Carlos Zancanella Jr., partner of the Project.

«It is with major pride I'm seeing the Avila Business Centers' model to expand abroad, becoming a project in which we strongly believe and for which we naturally gave our best contribute», states Carlos Gonçalves, Avila Business Centers' CEO. This help of the Avila concreted on the «support to the Business Center settlement at Lagoa dos Três Cantos — the Brazilian Digital City by excellence, with a 100 per cent structure of fiber optic for the Government access points, of companies and homes and expecting to become the next Telework  National Capital in Brazil - as well as  for the strategic partnership with the Knowledge Convergence and Difusion Center (CCDC - Centro de Convergência e Difusão do Conhecimento)/Virtual Office for the use of the myOffice platform and promotion, conference organization, workshops, events cover, among other themes», explains the responsible. “This bet is also an important step to help national companies in the internationalization for Brazil, considering it represents a quite inferior risk as if it were to bet on a physical office”, concluded. 

Launched in 2010, the myOffice is the first worldwide Virtual Office application oriented exclusively for PC/Mac, iPad and iPhone and Android smartphones. The myOffice allows professional and companies having a virtual office to get notifications in real time on received telephone contacts, correspondence and fax arrival. In practice, companies start having access to the office, not only on the PC/Mac/iPad, but also on their mobiles, wherever they are.


About the Avila Business Centers

Founded in 2004, the Avila Business Centers besides renting turnkey physical workspaces for companies (offices and coworking spaces), is leader in the virtual offices business where presents solutions with prices between 50 and 80 Euros per month. They have several services associated, among them legal and financial support, personalized telephone answering and access to the potentialities of remote management of the myOffice app for mobile devices: Android, iPhone and iPad — the first virtual office worldwide app for mobile devices. Currently it counts with more than 400 national and international clients and is member and representative in Portugal of the major Business Center network in the World, the eOffice International Network, with more than 300 locations and managed from the United Kingdom. Avila Business Centers has its premises in Lisbon, in Avenida da República and in Avenida João Crisóstomo. It won two awards: the 2011 Call Center trophy and the 2012 IDC CIO Awards, which recognized the myOffice app as one of the ten best technological Portuguese projects. Also received an Honorable Mention from the Endeavor Awards 2012 (Prémios Empreender), of the Lisbon Real Estate Show (SIL) and was ranked on 5th on the "World's Coolest Offices 2012" contest, promoted by the American magazine Inc. For more information visit www.avilabusinesscenter.com