Perth, WA - Buying a new home requires involves complex decision making. Home buyers looking to build a home need all the information they can get. That’s why Aveling Homes has revamped their website to provide West Australians with some of the best property buying information and online tools available.

Floorplan Search Tool

Aveling Homes’ strength is in its home building experience and its wealth of home designs. For home buyer, the sheer volume of floor plans available can be intimidating. The new website now features an advanced floorplan tool that makes deciding on a home design easy.

Users are able to filter results by block width, price range, promotional spec, and garage access. These choices make it easy for buyers to look at only the designs that suit their property and their needs.

Display Home Map

A spatially aware display home map features prominently on the site. Split by region, each map shows locations of the numerous display homes available. Each design includes a floor plan as well as a detailed list of inclusions and exclusions making it easy for home buyers to know exactly what they are getting for the price they pay.

Home Buying Guide

Buying property can be an involved affair, which is why Aveling Homes has included a useful home buying guide on its website, explaining the important steps and decisions to make while considering buying a home. In addition to the informative guide, Aveling also has a blog that’s updated often with a variety of tips for new home buyers and homeowners.


While other builders try to hide their exclusions and what they will or won’t build, Aveling Homes is upfront and honest. All home designs include detailed lists of inclusions and exclusions so home buyers can see exactly what they are getting and what they will have to pay more for.

Aveling Homes also explains on the website clearly what they won’t build, saving home buyers the time and headache of working with a builder for months only to find out what they want, can’t be built by the company. Pre-construction documents are also available to all website visitors and explains all the steps that will be taken before construction commences, such as site inspection, drawings, siteworks quotes, colour selection and more.

This level of detail demystifies the home building process and helps home buyers understand and prepare for each step.

Finance Guide

A home is often the biggest purchase many Australians will make, and securing adequate financing is a must. Aveling Homes’ website features a financing guide that explains all the options available to Western Australians from the First Home Owners Grant and Keystart Home loans to low deposit home loans available to qualified buyers.

Through its in-house finance team as well as its years of experience dealing with home loans, Aveling Homes is able to offer valuable financial advice for home buyers.

About Aveling Homes

Aveling Homes is an award winning home builder based in Perth dedicated to providing exceptional service. Find out more about our display homes and our house and land packages by contacting one of our representatives today.

Visit the Aveling Homes website at for more details about our services and available financing options for first time home buyers.

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