With more phone and tablet users switching to Apple devices, there is a new demand for converters that will help make regular files more Apple compatible. One such converter is the AVCHD to MOV converter. This converter which is finally now available to the public is a great pick for those who want to access certain file types on their Apple devices without going through a lengthy conversion process.

The AVCHD to MOV converter is functional, fast and customizable. A feature that makes this converter the best choice among the other similar converters out there is the zero loss in video quality. Often times the user in order to gain certain benefits like speed or conversion rate has to compromise on quality. As a result the output of conversion is mediocre and substandard. With the new converter, the video quality will be intact and to the liking of the user.

About the AVCHD to MOV converter:

The 1.0 version of the converter is just launched in the market with high end features for enhanced user ability and access. It is a very handy conversion tool to use and is also very light when it comes to space. It is about 12.34 MB in size but, is jam packed with features that are not found in traditional features.

The converter is now available for free download which is a great opportunity for users to download the software and use it to see what they gain from it. In other words, there is no risk involved. To know more about the converter and to check out its features, please visit the link at http://download.cnet.com/Free-AVCHD-to-MOV-Converter/3000-13570_4-76145017.html . This link can also be used to download the converter.

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