Knoxville, TN — Avanti Savoia specializes in quality gourmet foods (gourmet food online) and Italian ingredients at affordable prices. Through affiliates can earn 15 percent commission on sales made through affiliate links. This is a fantastic opportunity for affiliates to work with a dynamic gourmet foods company.

Ben Slocum, Avanti Savoia CEO, says: "We love sharing the art and flavor of gourmet and we know others do as well. We know we can't get the message out about the quality of our products alone and we thought it would be nice to reward those who like to promote real, top-level products that foodies love".

Avanti Savoia has built a reputation for providing customers the best foods and ingredients Italy has to offer. Premium olive oils are subject to a quality review process. Producers, often on small family farms, are interviewed regarding harvesting procedures to ensure customers receive the highest quality olive oil. Quality is a paramount concern in all product selections.

In addition to olive oil, Avanti Savioa provides traditional balsamic vinegars — some aged as long as 50 years — and local raw honey and Italian pasta. "There's really a lot to choose from for anyone who wishes to promote and earn commissions from sales", Slocum states. "We've got everything from exotic jams to chocolate. Any site owner who wants to insure they are promoting the best will find plenty to offer".

The diverse product mix gives customers a reason to shop every day. Great coffee, deserts and sauces are sure to excite palates. The gourmet cookies, maple syrup and pancake mixes are fun for people of all ages. Through selection and quality Avanti Savoia provides only the best foods and ingredients to customers.

Great resources are also available. Informational videos explain the nuances of olive oil and other select foods. There are recipes and menus for various special occasions. Learn about great barbeque, pasta and seafood dishes among many others. Gift packages and certificates are also available for customers wishing to share exotic foods with friends, family and co-workers.

Avanti Savoia cooking classes are a smash hit. These two hour courses are taught by Chef Joseph Lowery in Knoxville and focus on cooking techniques. The subject mattered covered varies from matching food and wine to preparing meatless dinners for Mother’s day. This is yet another great selling point for customers and affiliates.

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