Millersville, MD - Automotive Direct USA expects increased used car sales due to lower prices and easier credit approvals.

According to a recent CNBC report, the primary reason for lower used car prices is due to the greater supply of new vehicles. Also, dealers are finding it easier to write auto loans for more potential buyers. Buyers with lower credit ratings are getting credit approved. As a result, many people who might have bought used now have more options with new models.

Also, many manufacturers and in particularly the Japanese brands, have become much more aggressive with rebates and special financing offers. Zero percent financing on a new car is tough to beat compared to 3.9 percent for a used one.

Auto buyers who are thinking about buying a used car have great news, the market is slowly moving in your favor. However, buyers should not expect huge drops in prices, but they will have increased pricing power on the used lot.

In line with these trends, Automotive Direct USA offers a fresh start program for buyers with damaged credit. Industry experts agree that most people have at least one blemish on their credit record, such as a missed a payment on a credit card or have unpaid medical bills, and some have had a repossession or bankruptcy. The dealership has helped thousands of people get financing. In today’s low interest rate environment, getting credit makes buying a high quality vehicle a dream come true.

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