China - Sheet metal processing which is also known as the sheetmetal fabrication service has always been an important part of metal manufacturing industry. With the rapid economic development in recent years, China¡¯s industry for stamping parts processing are also become more and more boomingly. The general manager of famous sheet metal processing enterprise Tzr Sheetmetal Co Ltd said that the automation trend of sheet metal processing should be the main trend of the future mode of this industry.

This general manager pointed out that as sheet metal manufacturing industry involved in all aspects so it can be described as the industry as large widely areas. Therefore, each related enterprise should take different mode in their sheetmetal fabrication service. However, when the traditional sheet metal processing enterprise compares with the newly sheet metal processing mode with high degree of automation and information. the traditional process mode has many backward points.

According to the newly report, the newly sheet metal processing mode has mainly taken the closed-loop control of automated production which production technology is easier to maintenance to the entire production line running and the high degree of automation could greatly improves the safety and reliability of whole production line. On the other hand, the advanced information management technology also helps to strengthen the management of sheet metal processing and manufacturing. Famous China rackmount chassis supplier Tzr Sheetmetal Co., Ltd already brought this new processing mode for the first time.

This enterprise has greatly introduced the automated sheet metal production techniques which have already been applied into and widely used in the manufacturing and producing for rack mount chassis, rack cabinet, sheet metal stampings, precision machined parts and stainless steel products. Since the mastering of the the advanced science and technology coupled with gathering of a large number of professional and technical personnel in sheet metal industry, this enterprise already became the first class related enterprise after two years of development.

The general manager from Tzr Sheetmetal Co Ltd also expresses his feeling that with the improvement and development of the level of the production of stamping parts industry the sheet metal processing industry will be bound to follow the development trend of the international market and the working process technology will be eventually changed into the automated production model, which has been validated by scientific that this new processing mode is one of the reliable processing mode . Overall speaking, the automation working mode will gradually become the main mode of sheet metal processing.

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