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New Lenox, Il, 10/17/2015 ? According to Miracle Alternatives, LLC reports may indicate that Autism can be caused From vaccinations. A majority of people believe Autism was caused by the Mercury, or Thimersal in vaccinations. This was due to the fact that Autism was first diagnosed about the same time as vaccinations were given.

There has been a lot of studies and research about vaccines causing a child to become Autistic.
Some studies have shown children being exposed to high levels of Mercury, which is present in vaccines were more likely to have Autism. This was a fear with the vaccinations, but the majority of shots these days do not contain any mercury or Thimersal. If they do contain Thimersal it is in very trace amounts. High levels of Mercury can be contributed to eating a lot of fish, and industrial emissions as well as vaccines.

Researchers think there could be a connection to pregnant women being exposed to Mercury and their children having Autism. Keep in mind, if the mother had a vaccine shot for any reason shortly before the pregnancy or during the pregnancy leaves the baby with possible mercury levels.

There are new studies testing pregnant women to see how much Mercury is in their systems and testing the babies at birth. They can then monitor the babies with high Mercury levels and see if they have any problems later on.
That being said, meaning weather or not Autism and Vaccinations are linked some how still leaves new born babies, children susceptible to becoming Autistic.
"Therefore, why take any chances. We at Miracle Alternatives, LLC sell holistic machines that people can use instead of taking any vaccines what so ever and the same machines have the ability to prevent the pregnant mother from giving birth to a baby with Autism," Said James Matthew.
"Furthermore, these same machines can be used on anyone that already has Autism and the machine can actually lessen the symptoms of Autism," Said James Matthew.
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