Orlando, FL — April 12, 2016 - Every year, many people are falling victim to identity theft. This crime is even considered to be the fastest-growing type of consumer theft in the United States. There are ways to help stop these criminals, and one is to simply learn how exactly they operate.

Authorities reveal the identity theft methods used by criminals. According to experts, people can stay ahead of the game and protect themselves by simply learning about the techniques crooks use.

There is a method called phishing, and this is performed when criminals pretend to companies or financial institutions. They then send pop-up or spam messages to entice victims to reveal their personal information.

According to experts, people should equip their laptops and gadgets with up-to-date anti-virus, firewall, and anti-spyware software. They should also refrain from clicking on or opening spam e-mail or pop-up windows.

Thieves also divert the billing statements of victims to other locations. They do this by completing a change of address form. They also use old-fashion stealing such as bribe employees who have access of simply steal purses and wallets.

Pretexting is another method used by crooks. This is done by using false pretenses to obtain personal information from telephone companies, financial institutions, and other sources. Another technique is called fishing, which involved stealing information from mailboxes.

Thieves would move mountains if they have to just to steal or go dumpster diving if necessary. They could look through the victim’s trash to get credit cards, bills, and other information. There are also methods that involve stealing the hard drive of victims.

There are other methods used by crooks such as accessing government registers and searching through the use of internet search engines. There are also those who simply eavesdrop on the transactions made by victims, and use the information they disclose. There are also hackers who use computer viruses to steal.

Remote thievery is another method used by many thieves. This works by using a compact radio frequency device to read credit cards remotely. There is also a very popular method called skimming, which requires the use of a scanner.
This scanner works by reading the credit card information of victims. The tool used for this method can be cheap and widely available.

The good news is that people can also protect themselves from thieves by getting products such as the set of RFID blocking sleeves. These sleeves protect their credit card and other documents from individuals who can steal information in just a matter of seconds or minutes.

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